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Buy Premium Collection of Pakistani Kurta Pajama For Men

by Sufiyan Khan 23 May 2024


The kurta pajama is a traditional outfit that has become a staple of men's fashion in Pakistan. Consisting of a long, loose-fitting tunic (kurta) that is worn over trousers (pajama), this two-piece ensemble traces its origins back to Central Asia and the Persian empire. 

Over the centuries, the versatile kurta pajama was adopted across South Asia and became a signature garment of the region. In Pakistan specifically, it emerged as an emblem of national identity following the establishment of Pakistan in 1947. While the outfit maintained its cultural roots, new styles, and designs also evolved to create fashionable variations for modern tastes.

Today, the kurta pajama epitomizes Eastern grace and elegance. It is worn by men of all ages for a variety of occasions - from casual settings to formal events and weddings. Its wide-ranging utility, combined with its deep-rooted traditions, makes the kurta pajama for men an important part of every Pakistani wardrobe.

Varieties of Kurta Pajamas for Men

The kurta pajama is a traditional Indian outfit that has become a staple in men's fashion. It consists of a long, loose-fitting tunic called a kurta that is worn over pajama pants. Kurta pajamas come in an array of styles, fabrics, colors, and designs to suit different occasions and preferences. 

One of the most popular styles is the white kurta pajama which exudes elegance and simplicity. The crisp white fabric lends a clean, polished look that is perfect for festivals, pujas, and weddings. White is considered an auspicious color in Indian traditions, making the white kurta pajama a top choice for religious ceremonies and special events. 

The timeless appeal of an all-white outfit also makes it ideal for grooms on their wedding day. Paired with an embroidered shawl or waistcoat, the groom's white kurta pajama creates a regal yet understated look. For guests attending Indian weddings, a white kurta pajama embroidered with gold or silver thread is a classy option.

Black Kurta Pajama 

Black kurta pajama are a sophisticated and stylish choice for men. The dark color lends an air of elegance and formality, making black kurta pajamas ideal for events like weddings, festivals, and parties. 

Many high-end black kurta pajamas feature intricate embroidery, adding to the luxurious look. Common embroidery styles include zardozi, resham, gotta, kashida, and more. The embroidery is often done in a contrasting color like gold or silver thread, making the designs stand out beautifully against the black fabric. 

Embroidered motifs seen on black kurta pajamas include floral patterns, paisleys, traditional Indian motifs like peacocks, and geometric designs. Many grooms opt for heavily embellished black sherwanis or achkan-style kurtas paired with churidar pajamas for their wedding attire.

Wedding Kurta Pajama

The wedding kurta pajama for men is an essential part of traditional Indian wedding attire for the groom. This outfit comes in bright, auspicious colors like red, maroon, gold, and ivory that signify celebration. 

The fabric is often silk or brocade, ornately embroidered with gold or silver thread in traditional Indian motifs. The embroidery is concentrated on the collar, sleeves, and front of the kurta. The higher the embroidery, the more formal the outfit.

The vibrant wedding kurta pajama makes the groom stand out during the various ceremonies. It represents Indian culture and heritage. For the bridegroom, it is the perfect balance of comfort, style, and tradition for his big day.

Casual Kurta Pajama

Casual kurta pajamas are designed for maximum comfort. They are usually made from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or rayon that are lightweight and promote airflow. 

Casual kurta suits feature simple, minimalist cuts and patterns. Solid colors or basic prints like checks and stripes are common. The kurta is typically loose-fitting with a shorter length that falls above or at the knee. 

For hot summer days, a cotton or linen kurta pajama set is ideal. The cotton offers softness while the linen provides exceptional breathability to keep you cool. Pair a short cotton kurta with a drawstring pajama for a relaxed look perfect for lounging or casual events.

Linen kurta fabrics have a beautiful natural texture and drape nicely over the body. Choose an off-white or light-neutral linen kurta pajama set for a clean, breezy style. Rayon kurtas also have a nice drape and come in vibrant solids and prints to choose from.

Modern Kurta Pajama Designs

The traditional kurta pajama has evolved over the years with contemporary patterns and styles while retaining its cultural essence. Some of the modern trends include:

  • Contemporary prints - Kurta pajamas now come in modern graphic prints, abstract patterns, floral motifs as well as traditional block prints, giving buyers more options.
  • Short kurtas - Shorter kurtas ending above the hips have become popular, especially among younger generations. These give a more modern look.
  • Asymmetric cuts - Asymmetrical hemlines and angled side slits add a modern twist to the classic straight silhouette of the kurta.
  • Jackets/coats over kurta - Wearing a well-fitted jacket or coat over the kurta gives it a fusion look. Short-cropped jackets are quite popular.
  • Mixing fabrics - Using different fabrics like silk, cotton, and linen in the kurta and pajama makes for interesting texture play.
  • Cuff variations - Playful cuff designs like multi-button cuffs, open slit cuffs, and embellished cuffs modernize the look.

So while keeping the essence of traditional outfits, modern kurta pajamas allow buyers to experience both comfort and versatility for regular use. The contemporary styles and patterns give the timeless garment a fresh new avatar.

Seasonal Kurta Pajama

The fabrics and styles for kurta pajama sets vary by season. For the hot summer months, men often opt for kurta pajamas made from lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, or rayon. These allow airflow to the body and help keep the wearer cool. 

Popular summer kurta fabrics include:

  • Cotton voile - Extremely lightweight and airy cotton material.
  • Cotton muslin - Lightweight, soft, and breathable cotton. 
  • Linen - Made from the flax plant, linen is lightweight, crisp and breathable.
  • Rayon - A semi-synthetic material that drapes well and feels cool next to the skin.

For the winter months, thicker and warmer fabrics are preferred. Wool kurtas and pajamas provide insulation to brave the cold weather in style. Cashmere, silk, and wool blends are also excellent choices for winter kurta sets.

Some great fabrics for winter kurta pajama include:

  • Wool - Warm, yet breathable. Different weights are available for mild to very cold climates. 
  • Cashmere - Luxuriously soft and warm. Make a cozy winter kurta.
  • Silk - Lightweight yet warm. Has a luxurious look and feel.
  • Wool blends - Mixing wool with other fabrics creates warm yet comfortable winter kurta pajamas.

The key is choosing fabrics with the right weight and breathability to stay stylishly comfortable in every season.

Caring for Kurta Pajama

Kurta pajamas are a classic Indian outfit that can last for years if properly cared for. Here are some tips for washing, ironing, and storing your kurta sets:

Washing: Hand Wash or gentle machine wash kurta pajamas in cold water using a mild detergent. Avoid hot water as it can cause colors to run or fade. For handwashing, soak the garments for 15-20 minutes before gently squeezing and rinsing. Machine washing is fine for cotton sets, but delicate silks and embroidered sets should be hand-washed only.  

Ironing: Iron kurta pajamas on the reverse side to avoid damaging any embroidered fabrics or beads. Use a cool iron and iron pieces individually for best results. For cotton sets, iron on medium heat. For silks, use a cool iron and iron inside out. Hang up embroidered pieces to air dry rather than ironing directly.  

Storing: Fold kurta pajamas neatly and store them in breathable garment bags or boxes. Avoid plastic bags. Store embroidered sets flat if possible to prevent the creasing of embellishments. Off-season storage works best by placing clean kurta sets in garment bags with acid-free tissue paper to prevent yellowing. Storing in a cool, dry place avoids damage from humidity, heat, or insects.  


The kurta pajama is an important part of traditional Pakistani clothing for men. It combines comfort and style, making it suitable for daily wear as well as special occasions like weddings. This article has highlighted the variety of kurta pajama options available, from different colors and fabrics to modern and traditional designs. 

Some key points to remember are:

  • Black, white, and off-white kurta pajamas are popular everyday options. Vibrant colors and embroidery are common for weddings and parties.
  • Traditional designs include Achkans, sherwanis, and angarkhas. Contemporary styles incorporate Western elements.
  • Kurta pajamas can be worn in all seasons. Fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk are ideal for summer while wool blends work in winter. 
  • High-quality kurta pajamas can be purchased from reputable stores and tailors in Pakistan. Online shopping also makes finding the perfect set convenient.
  • Proper care and washing help kurta pajamas last long. Ironing and starching keep the shape intact.

The kurta pajama holds cultural significance for Pakistani men and remains a staple outfit for diverse occasions. Investing in well-made sets ensures comfort, style, and versatility for everyday ethnic wear.

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